Compatible devices

A large number of devices have already been integrated into the NeuroRT Suite!

NeuroRTTM Suite’s compatible devices

Mensia’s products are compatible with a large number of EEG devices.

If your device is not listed here you can contact us for more information about our integration roadmap.

List of compatible devices

Manufacturer Device Name Version
ANT eego sports Based on eego-SDK 1.3.16 (and later versions)
Brain Products ActiCHamp Based on actiCHamp
Brain Products BrainAmp series Introduced in September 2010
Brain Products vAMP Based on FirstAmp 2.0
Brain Rythm BR8 Based on Firmware 1.0
Cognionics All amplifiers Introduced in June 2016
EGI All amplifiers Introduced in January 2015
Emotiv EPOC Based on EDK API
Evoke Neuroscience eVOX Amplifier
Mitsar All devices Based on Mitsar Essentials 1.9.8282.1
SenseLabs Versus Introduced in September 2014
Shimmer all amplifiers  Log and Stream 0.2
SMI Vision RED


 Based on iViewX API

Based on iViewNG server

TMSi Porti, Refa, MOBITA, MOBI, MOBI mini Based on TMSI SDK
Wearable Sensing DSI-24


Based on DSI API 1.9.0