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You can concentrate on your product and expertise and benefit from cutting edge technology in neurosciences; the addition of neuromodality to your application paves the way to revolutionary application and opens up new market opportunities.

NeuroRT Studio

NeuroRT Studio is a block diagram environment for the design of real-time experiments and analysis for neuroscience. It provides a graphical editor to drag and drop boxes from a library covering the essential steps of such analysis: data read and write (from/to a device and/or a file), temporal and spatial filtering, epoching, selection, mathematical operations, visualization, and many others. These processing steps can then be connected together with wires in order to create a signal processing pipeline.

Introduction to NeuroRT environment: Simple and powerful

NeuroRT Studio is Mensia authoring tool for the creating of real time neurophysiology processing pipelines. This video briefly introduces the tool and explains how to simply make astonishing treatment of the EEG that can be used for batch processing or even in real time.

Advanced Signal processing

The advanced signal processing toolbox offers cutting-edge signal processing techniques. The identification and the correction of artefacts in the data is available and runs in real-time for EMG, EOG, and electrode contact in a non-supervised fashion. In particular, we have implemented for real-time use : filter banks, blind sources separation methods, and tools for covariance matrices.

Advanced visualization

The advanced visualization toolbox allows illuminating display of brain activity in real-time. The available displays include 1D, 2D, and 3D, as well as the most famous xLORETA reconstruction in real-time.

Dense EEG

Some experiments require high-density EEG (from 64 channels) needing major improvements beyond state-of-the-art techniques in order to run the processing and/or the visualization in real-time.

Offline analysis

While the NeuroRT Studio is designed to analyze and display data in real-time, it is often desirable to batch process several files retrospectively. The Offline analysis toolbox was designed for this and implements essential machine learning tools including cross-validation framework and heuristics for parameters explorations. In order to compare prediction with clinically identified events, a review application enables signal annotation.

NeuroRT Archway

NeuroRT Archway deploys applications designed with NeuroRT Studio into the real-world and make them accessible through light clients. In order to cover all practical cases of use, different deployment strategies are implemented.

  • For standalone applications, it is possible to compile and embed your NeuroRT Studio application within your prefered framework.
  • For client-server architecture, it is possible to host your application on the cloud and call it from various clients including web and multi-platform clients.
  • Through NeuroRT Server, you will finally be able to interface Mensia’s advanced technology into any of your application.

NeuroRT Server

NeuroRT Server is a distant web server communicating with the standalone app, the server-based app or the web-based app through TCP/IP and allowing EEG-data analysis in real-time over the internet through processing pipelines developed by Mensia.


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