Exploring the brain function is now possible outside of the four walls of the hospital. Thanks to revolutionary signal processing application we enable you to get the best of your patient’s data for diagnosis and therapy.

NeuroRT Labs

Mensia has an extensive knowledge of EEG data processing and you may like to benefit from it online or for some data you have already collected.

Bench: Online/Offline EEG Cleaning

NeuroRT Bench is a data analysis application available online. Create your dataset, load your EEG-files and select which artefact you would like to remove (EOG, EMG, contact), we’ll do it for you. Bench allows you to batch process your files in a way that is consistent and effective.  It will dramatically  improve the quality of your applications or research.


NeuroRT Harvest is a tool designed to collect neurophysiological data consistently across several physical locations and with different operators. Add subjects, design your data acquisition protocol with different blocs, conditions and duration, select your EEG-system acquisition and start the monitoring session. Harvest displays signal monitoring in real time as well as global signal quality index (SQI).

Furthermore, your data is securely stored in a reliable and well documented database, which NeuroRT Bench can access to automatically pre-process the data and remove most common EEG noise.

NeuroRT Training for neurofeedback designs

NeuroRT Training is an application designed to implement neurofeedback protocols. Select your region of interest, define the threshold  and the modality (visual or auditory) for the neurofeedback training and benefit from Mensia’s advanced tools to visualized reconstructed cerebral activity in real time.


 This video illustrates an example of a neurofeedback protocol based on LORETA source reconstruction.

My.NeuroRT Web Applications

You want a plug-and-play EEG application compatible with your system straight away? The My. NeuroRT web apps are made for you. Simply log on onto our secured website and we will remotely handle data collection and processing in real-time.


The processing of the EEG activity in real-time offered by Mensia on its web-based applications allows you to monitor specific brain activities in real-time. Thanks to the truly fascinating plasticity of the brain, it is then possible to modulate this activity and imply long-lasting changes to your brain activity. Neurofeedback has proven benefits in conditions such as depression, insomnia, and attention disorders. Our truly amazing 4D NeuroTrainer uses a real-time source estimation technology (xLORETA) allowing you to select the part of the cortex (Brodmann areas) you would like to target.

BCI Software Package

Brain Computer Interfaces interpret the brain activity in real time to enable a control that bypasses the muscular activity. They have several practical applications including the restoration of communication and control of severely disabled patients. Their implementation is usually non-trivial but Mensia makes them available online! We cover Event Related Potential based such a P300 speller, steady state visual evoked potentials (SSVEP), and motor rhythms-based interface.
P300 Speller

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