Based in Rennes and Paris, France, Mensia Technologies SA is a technology start-up focused on the wellness and healthcare applications of real-time, quantitative neurophysiology.


Mensia has been founded in 2012 by french pioneers in the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), who designed and created OpenViBE, the leading open-source software for BCI research. Drawing on these 8 years of research and development experience at Inria, leading IT research institute, Mensia works at building innovative solutions for neurophysiological research and neurofeedback applications, to design in a near future new therapies and treatments for a wide range of neurologically-induced pathologies.

We are leveraging key recent trends in neurophysiology such as dramatic price drops, improvement in accuracy and mass-market availability of EEG devices, as well as recent scientific breakthroughs in our understanding of the human brain and how to improve our conscious or unconscious cognitive functions.

Our offering includes add-ons to OpenViBE, the leading real-time EEG framework as well as customer-specific development services for device and application vendors leveraging the power of real-time EEG.

  • As a young psychophysiologist working in the field of neurofeedback since 5 years, what I can see in MyMensia is the future and a trend that, in the next few years, will be a reality. In few words, all the limits that have avoided the adoption of the neuromodulation as a daily routine practice, are gone! Now using a tablet and a low cost EEG headset (wireless and with dry sensors) is it possible to do something that only few years ago was a quite exclusive prerogative. MyMensia is solving a problem that, as a practician, I'm often encounter: close, costly, not updated platforms. Having put a solid/strong layer between those two (Tablet/OpenViBE/EEG) MyMensia is giving the opportunity to all the clinical or private world to do neurofeedback online.

    Marco Rotonda
    Marco RotondaPsychophysiologist
  • Mensia Technologies and I collaborate on the signal processing and modelling of EEG signals. I have appreciated the reactivity, the expertise, the dynamism and the flexibility of the team members. The technology they are building in real-time signal processing of EEG data is a necessary step for the development of numerous cutting-edge applications, especially for cognitive brain-computer interfaces.

    François Vialatte
    François Vialatte ESPCI ParisTech
  • Mensia is building a unique technology that can bring brain research to the next level. With their online processing system and remote streaming of EEG data, large scale data acquisition becomes easy and therefore now possible. Mensia is developping the products to make new findings on how the brain works.

    Alexandre Gramfort
    Alexandre GramfortTelecom ParisTech, CNRS
  • We are most impressed with the Mensia team's professionalism and efficient work ethic. Real-time monitoring of brain activity is poised to enable a wide range of commercial and medical applications. Mensia's technology enables powerful signal analysis to be carried out by non-experts, thus helping transform brain signals into useful metrics. Furthermore, team Mensia's competences invite collaboration.

    Walid Soussou
    Walid SoussouWearable Sensing, President
  • Our association, the french association for the locked-in syndrome (ALIS), met Mensia through a relation born a few years ago with Louis Mayaud on the BCI subject. We are particularly interested in the potential of medical applications developed by Mensia Technologies that enables a different form of communication for our Locked-in patients. This year we will present a short movie of a LIS person testing a P300-based application developed by Mensia. The movie will be on line beginning of april 2015 on

    Véronique Blandin
    Véronique BlandinAssociation for the Locked-In Syndrome (ALIS)
  • STARTTS and Mensia have been clinical research partners since April 2014. We've been working together towards identifying the potential neuromarkers for PTSD and related disorders in refugee population, based on the analysis of resting EEGs. Through our joint project we came to value Mensia as a group of skilled and innovative professionals with a high work ethics and with the enthusiasm that goes beyond mere work contract. We are particularly impressed with their Advanced Signal Processing toolbox that gave us the ability to address previously incorrigible artifacts, such as muscular activity, and extract clean and reliable data for further research studies. As a clinical institution, we are happy to have Mensia as our research partners that can provide us with a high quality data processing and analysis.

    Mirjana Askovic
    Mirjana Askovic The NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS), Senior Psychologist and Neurofeedback Team Leader


NeuroRT Studio

NeuroRT Studio™ is a block diagram environment for the design of real-time experiments and analysis of neuroscience.

NeuroRT Training

NeuroRT Training™ is an application designed to implement neurofeedback protocols. Select your region of interest, define the threshold and the modality (visual or auditory) for the neurofeedback training and benefit from Mensia’s advanced tools to visualized reconstructed cerebral activity in real time.



Mensia Professional Services

We provide training for our tools in person or in the form of webinars, as well as expert guidance in neurophysiology and software engineering for the design of your applications.


Enabling Real-Time Brain Exploration
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